This Father’s Day our Father’s Day novena collection will be benefitting MANA House.  As we launch this effort I ask that you imagine with me… After putting your life in jeopardy for our country’s freedom—you find yourself alone in dealing with trauma from combat. That is the scenario for thousands of veterans experiencing homelessness or on the verge throughout Arizona.

Many are experiencing post traumatic stress disorder or Traumatic brain injury from battles in Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Catholic Charities has a solution —  it is  The MANA House.

It’s a program for veterans, by veterans. It began as a small gathering of veterans dedicated to helping one another at the human services campus. Within one year, the peer-run group outgrew their space and they developed an Outreach Center to accommodate their growing numbers. In May 2010, they opened a transitional living center for homeless veterans. To continue their much needed work they joined the Catholic Charities family in 2015. Later this year we hope to move them to a new expanded home that will house and serve up to 75 veterans experiencing homelessness.

The MANA House provides a variety of services, including housing, help obtaining: veteran’s benefits, substance abuse counseling, transportation needs, education, employment, and companionship.

Their programs help men like Pete – he was proud to serve his country as a Marine. When the market crashed and his marriage ended Pete shared “as a Marine I felt like I didn’t need anyone’s help.” His world quickly fell apart and he ended up on the streets. He was referred to MANA House and it was there that he finally for the first time in a long, long time found peace of mind and the support he needed to find his way back. Today Pete serves as the assistant manager of MANA House and is a strong believer in their proven strategy of making sure veterans have the support to stay on the right path.

He will tell you “We eliminate pretty much every barrier they have to becoming successful, so they can focus themselves on getting back on track – becoming a self -sufficient and successful member of society once again.”


For questions or more information go to their website at www.manahouseaz.org