Installation PictureDear Parishioners,

The practice of requesting a Mass to be offered for loved ones, living or deceased, is a beautiful and wonderful part of our Catholic tradition. Here at St. Thomas Aquinas, because of the large number of requests we receive, we will be implementing the following Mass intention policy.
In order for all parishioners to have an opportunity to schedule a Mass intention for their loved ones, and to accommodate recently deceased individuals, the Mass Intention book will open for 3 months at a time. Each parishioner may request up to four Masses per year.


The following is a timeline for scheduling of Mass intentions:

Date Book Opens Months Available for Scheduling
July 15 October, November and December
October 15 January, February and March
January 15 April, May and June
April 15 July, August and September

Mass intentions may be requested for Sundays, most holidays, and weekdays. One Mass every Sunday and holiday is scheduled for the intentions of our parishioners known as “Pro Populo” (For the People), as required by Canon Law and diocesan statute. At St. Thomas Aquinas it is the 10:45AM Sunday Mass.

Guidelines for Mass Intentions

A Mass intention may be set for:

  • A deceased loved one, a living person who is sick or suffering, a living person who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special moment in their life
  • One person or a married couple (ex: John Smith; M/M John Smith)

A Mass intention may not be set for:

  • An unknown or “private” intention
  • A prayer intention that contradicts Catholic moral doctrine
  • Multiple people (ex: John Smith and Lilly Morris)

If you have any questions, or would like to request a Mass intention, please stop by the office. The parish staff is always happy to assist you.

In Christ,

Fr. Muir