Dear Friend in Christ,

I am happy to announce a small change in our Easter Sunday Mass times. I am excited about the new schedule, and believe that it will benefit us in several ways. There will be many options for  Easter Mass, and they will all be inside the Church.

First, with Easter being much later in the year, it will be quite hot for outdoor Mass. The new Mass schedule addresses this situation by having all Masses in the church.

Second, the new schedule is expected to alleviate much of the parking lot congestion that that we usually experience and to allow better transition from one Mass to the next.

Third, we have added an Easter evening 5pm Mass at which I will be presiding. I envision that it will be a beautiful, contemplative and peaceful way to encounter the Risen Christ just like the disciples did on the Road to Emmaus.

Below you will see listed the entire Triduum schedule including the new times. This provides us the same amount of seat availability without any overlap of Masses. See you there!

Fr. Muir