Dear Friend in Christ,

I’m exceedingly pleased to announce the progress in our parish participation in the “Together Let Us Go Forth” Campaign with the Diocese of Phoenix. I’ll cut right to the chase. Thanks to your sacrificial generosity and prayerful discernment, we met our pledge goal of $2.64 million! 100% of our 5 year pledge goal! This is a testament to the working of the Holy Spirit in our parish and His vision for where we are headed.

There’s more to be excited about. As I was pouring over our pledge cards, I realized that we hit our pledge goal only a few days after I shared the campaign vision with you. My last invitation was Dec 18. We hit our challenging pledge goal before Christmas! Amazing.

On top of that, so many of you are still jumping on board…so many in fact that we are currently at 110% of our pledge goal. That’s a total of $2,945,840 pledged. Folks, that right there is a stunning commitment to God, the Church, and our future. It says loud and clear: we believe in the power of what God does through our Catholic parishes, schools, Newman centers, and outreach to the poor. 

As you know, over the next five years, these funds will not only make the new John Paul II High School a reality, along with other great new diocesan initiatives, it will make it possible for our parish to build our new Vincent de Paul building and make significant upgrades in our church, social outreach, promote scholarships, and more. I’ll provide periodic updates on our progress.

Please join me in praying that the Lord will continue to help us be joyful and good stewards of his gifts to us for the Kingdom of God in the Far West Valley…and that in Him we will bear much fruit!


Truly in Christ,

Fr Muir