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An Exciting New Way to Give!

For months we, at St. Thomas Aquinas, have been looking for a way to improve our online giving platform. We want to be as faithful of a steward a we can possibly be with your hard earned money, and we have found a really good way to do that! It's called Pushpay. A new and easy way to give online!
Pushpay will allow us to be more efficient in our giving, with more of your dollars going right to our parish mission, allowing us to continue to do great projects, like the St. Francis Garden and allow us to do a new project we will be rolling out soon!
So how do you start? QR code! There will be QR codes all around campus and in the bulletin for you to scan and that will take you directly to Pushpay. Instructions on how to scan a QR code can be found below!
For all those who have been using our old platform called Faith Direct, thank you so much for your generosity! Faith Direct will be going away for St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. If you are giving to other ministries, this will not effect giving through Faith Direct, only for our Parish. So make the transition by scanning a QR around campus, or clicking on this link here.
Thank you for considering your switch to Pushpay and your faithful, generous service to St. Thomas Aquinas!

How to scan a QR Code: