January 22- Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children


“A great prayer for life is urgently needed, a prayer which will rise up throughout the world. Through special initiatives and in daily prayer, may an impassioned plea rise to God, the Creator and lover of life, from every Christian community, from every group and association, from every family and from the heart of every believer.” ~Pope Saint John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, no. 100*


The over 56 million abortions since the 1973 decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton reflect with heartbreaking magnitude what Pope Francis means by a “throwaway culture.” However, we have great trust in God’s providence. We are reminded time and again in Scripture to seek the Lord’s help, and as people of faith, we believe that our prayers are heard.


At St. Thomas Aquinas, we will offer opportunities for parishioners to observe the upcoming “Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children” in several ways:


  • From January 18-26, join us in praying the “9 Days for Life”.
  • On Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21:
    • Stay after the Mass you attend to pray “The Life Rosary,” with petitions before each Hail Mary to pray for all those affected by unexpected pregnancy and abortion.
  • Visit the Hope Mobile from Life Choices Women’s Clinic and see saved ultrasounds; or pregnant parishioners may receive an actual scan. (FYI: Our Mother’s Day collection this year will go to support the Hope Mobile.)
  • Prayerfully consider a donation to the Gospel of Life Appeal. Envelopes are available in the vestibule of the church.
  • View Bishop Olmsted’s Gospel of Life message.


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IS 25:6-10A // PS 23:1-3A, 3B-4, 5, 6 // PHIL 4:12-14, 19-20 // MT 22:1-14