We are currently opening the tabernacle for Adoration every Friday from 9am until 2pm.

More people have expressed interest in participating in Adoration so we are adding Wednesday from Noon until 5pm to the adoration schedule.  Please mark your calendar’s to come and sit with the Lord. Come and deepen your faith and love for our God. If you can spare an hour or even a ½ hour every Friday,  I would like to invite you to come on Fridays to relax and sit with our God.  We have all times available so that our Lord is not left alone.


If you would like to spend time in prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament please call, Maryanne Culhane at 623-385-6693.


Training for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Are you a fully initiated Catholic; in good standing; a registered member of the Parish and at least 16 years old? Do you have a deep love for the Eucharist? Do you realize each member of the worshiping community is called to be the Body of Christ to […]

Follow our new Music Ministry Blog! We will be posting information about the music we use for the weekend Masses here. Composers, titles, translations, why we chose it, etc.Click on link to join:

Dear Friends in Christ, It probably wasn’t the most prudent decision, but I did it anyway.          I was 18 years old. On the desktop was a piece of paper that read, “Caption for Senior Yearbook Picture”. Instead of a pithy saying, an inside joke, or a shout-out to friends, I wanted something that really […]

Dear Friends in Christ, One month has come and gone since I arrived here at St. Thomas Aquinas. What a month it’s been. I spent the first two weeks getting to know the deacons and priests, as well as the parish staff, and the general inner workings of our parish’s administration. The next two weeks […]

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Seven years ago this summer, I could no longer ignore the tug on my heart to find out if it was God who was calling me to the priesthood. I was 18 years old when I joined seminary. Though leaving family, girlfriend, and career behind was not an easy […]

Dear Friends in Christ, “When he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved…” (from Mark 6) We hear these words this Sunday from the Gospel of Mark. They describe Jesus as he looks out upon his followers. In a different way, they sum up what I have experience these past three weeks […]

WELCOME FR. RAYMOND OGBOJI! Fr. Raymond will be here at St. Thomas Aquinas until the end of August. He is originally from the city of Zaria which is located in the Kaduna State of Northern Nigeria and was ordained on July 14, 2012. He was studying in Rome before arriving here in the United States […]

Saint John Paul II High School to be built in Avondale. Click here to read the press release.  

CD’s of the St Thomas Aquinas Parish 10th Anniversary Concert are now on sale.  The entire concert, which featured every music group in the Parish and School, is now available for your family to keep or give as a gift.  These CD’s are an excellent display of the wonderful talents we have in our community.  […]